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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ne Ratez Pas Le Train

Don't miss the train


 that's headed for

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as we join links



to develop a virtual tour

for the


If you would like to 

know more about what you

can post

here are some ideas:

1. Write on regional specialties like
   wines or cuisine, lifestyle,
   language, music, theatre, art,
   gardens,literature, architecture,
   your own personal travels,   
   fashion, antique finds, photos, 
   friends, education, great places
   to stay, film...anything!


2. But if you want to putter around
   Paris, ALLEZ-Y (go ahead!)

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  So make your reservations

and leave me a comment




I would like to participate.

It's about being

inventive and if you're

not sure about where to start

just remember this:

Here's a list of

passengers who have all 

the essentials packed 




for paul via

and are ready to discover

the country and people of




Vicki Archer from French Essence

Deana from Lost Past Remembered

Stephanie from Mille Feuilles 

Marie-Ange from Rêver au Sud

Lynn from Dreams on 34th Street 

Maggie from Nantucket State of Mind

Sandy from You May be Wandering

Paul from The Magical Christmas Wreath Company

Doré from Burlap Luxe

Ria from It's Me

Francis from By Surprise

Penny from Angelsdoor

Jeri from Hopalong Hollow Gazette

Violet Skiles from Create Beauty

Sylvia from Sylvia's Simple Life

Véronique from French Girl in Seattle

Simone from Fleaing France Brocante Society

Marsha from Splenderosa

Elizabeth from Pine cones and Acorns

Carolyn from Draffinbears

Stacey from Design Addict Mom

Heather from Style Mind Chic

Heidi from Hi-di's Place

Eden Clare from Artful Fairytales 

Sheri from Red Rose Alley

Julie from Tattered Tiques

Martina from M's Art Impressions

Kirsten from Write on Thyme

Frances from Beautiful Interiors and 18th 
Century Style 

Karen Harvey Cox from A Scrapbook of Inspiration

Rosalie from Blue Roses and Stardust 

Denise from Denise's Delights in Her Coffeeberry Cottage

Marcia from Gathering at the Table

Rhissanna from Rhissanna

Teresa from A Magical Whimsey

Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips 

Carol from Art and Sand 

Jacqueline from Purple Chocolate Home 

Debby Steele from Inspired Design

Catherine from Cashmere Lover

Jayne from Jayne on Weed Street 

Emily from The French Hutch 

Dawne from Quiddity 2 

Irina from Gypsy in Me 

Sarah from Down By the Sea

Peggy from According to Braswell

Sarah from Hyacinths for the Soul 

Diane from YONKS 

Susan from Cruisin' Over Sixty 

Barbara from Moveable Feasts 

Elizabeth from Paper Pen Studio 

Mary from Merry Dot Dandy 

Luisa from Personally Selected Products 

Anne from DRESS